Is that banjo music I hear?

Joking is one thing but apparently to many people They seriously believe if you play the banjo, you’re some backwoods racist ultra conservative idiot. For the second time just this week some idiot has placed in the comments section of Huffington post this exact question “is that banjo music i hear?” in response to a story about some ultra teabagger bullshit. one a racist rag in west virginia and another to North Dakota’s new draconian abortion laws.

I frankly resent it. I’m an educated, liberal, atheist. And I play banjo. not very well but still.

Is that banjo music you hear? no it isn’t.

Hell even Earl Scruggs, himself, the guy who is like the Segovia of the banjo world was a progressive.

Ralph Stanley made an ad for Obama. Pete Wernick is a Humanist, Pete Seeger, is a progressive, and there’s plenty more, including us at the bottom who aren’t the best, but still play and we vote progressive.

There’s lots of us out there.

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6 Responses to Is that banjo music I hear?

  1. Floyd Flud says:

    Yes, the “progessivism” started with Woodrow Wilson and has continued to bring us to the precipice at which we stand today, to a debt so high there is no way out except a complete meltdown of our currency, and our standard of living. Earl Scruggs lived a long time ago when a Democrat was vastly different from the Liberal/Progressive/Socialists of today. Obama is not a Democrat, something far more sinister. Yes there are a lot of you out there, and you all will regret the day you voted Obama back into office on Nov. 6th, 2012. This was the gaurantee that our fiscal problems will not and cannot ever be ameliorated. The Teabaggers as you call them believe in the constitution and the sanctity of life. Harry Reid and Pelosi and the likes of the traitor John will help Obama, but it is a long time until the mid-term elections of 2014. It is my hope that our once great country can survive that long. Thoughts of an educated independant, thinking out loud, yes the written word is nothing more than a silent audible. FF

    • Hi Uncle Floyd! its sad you see people that disagree with you as traitors instead of just somebody you disagree with. up to now all your america is doomed conspiracy crap has failed to come to past. remember your latest about us not making it to January? yeah. How does it feel to be wrong again? Just like I told you, you would be. We will make it to 2014 just fine as your latest conspiracy is just as wrong as the dozens you made before it. you need to stop reading your conspiracy websites and get some real news. must be tiresome to be wrong over and over again. what’s your latest prediction? we’re doomed by march? june? LOL

      • Stuart M. says:

        Dear Hillbilly Atheist, I thought I would post this here although you might not see it. Many years ago I was thrilled to hear that an Oklahoman “hillbilly” was proudly proclaiming his atheism on a webpage. I immediately signed up and started reading and making posts in the forums. It wasn’t long before I locked horns with a Catholic apologist who seemed to be some kind of special protected poster. I say this because every time we got into it, the monitor would intervene and invariably take the Catholic’s side, claiming I was trying to “flame” the Catholic. The last straw was when I saw the Catholic trying to talk a young student out of debating some Christian at his school on the existence of God. I immediately complained to the monitor that the Catholic was “ambushing” young atheists who were coming to the site for good debating points, and who were probably shocked to find some Catholic trying to mislead them. Again, the monitor took the Catholic’s side and said if I didn’t stop my harassment, I would get kicked off the site. At that point, I decided the Hillbilly Atheist was not a legitimate atheist website but a Trojan horse for Catholic propaganda. I cancelled my membership. The experience still bothers me to this day. Are you a real atheist? I gather your webpage closed. If you are a real atheist, were you perhaps a little too “hands off” in your management of the site? Did you lose interest in the website? If you are considering restarting the webpage, I hope you will be a little more involved next time.

      • I bet that was my site. I had a catholic mod named trentonzero. I had no idea he was doing that though. I had a christian guy on the mod team in an attempt to help make it a fair place for the clash of ideas. If he was unfair to atheists, that certainly didn’t fit my agenda. the site didn’t show (or I didn’t know how to see if it did) what other mods did. So I would have had no idea if he or any other mod had abused their power. the forum never really took off though and eventually I took it down as I was too busy to maintain it and it wasn’t getting enough activity to be worth the hassle.. now days I have have a blog I occasionally add things too, and when I have more time may get more active again. I’m certainly an atheist. I’m no catholic. not even an ex-catholic. I was raised pentecostal. I may even bring back a forum at some point if I have time. I’ll just have to be more picky about mods, and make sure folks know they can take their complaints to me if they feel a mod is being unfair.

      • Stuart M. says:

        Thank you for your reply. I really do think there is a need for the “hillbilly” demographic to have a webpage that’s safe for atheists. The Richard Dawkins site is very popular with the egghead set. Where can hillbilly atheists go? Good luck with all your endeavors.

  2. Seamus says:

    WoW, total coincidence I stumbled across this
    one year and a day after you posted it.
    Here’s a thought. Next time it happens
    post a link like

    and see if you get a response?

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