I am just a regular guy. I was raised in the country, in a doublewide trailer. I’m what many derisively call a hillbilly or a redneck, or whatever. I am also a liberal atheist. This gives me a unique perspective. This blog is my thoughts on everything from music, to current events, politics, religion, my iphone, funny stories from my life, whatever.

thanks for stopping by. y’all come back now!

4 Responses to About

  1. Jared says:

    Dammit John, where is your email address?

    It’s Jared Hoag, aka aquishix — do you remember me?


    • The name isn’t ringing a bell. I’ve never been good with names though. if I know you from a forum, it’d be easier to place you if you mentioned, the forum, and stuff we talked about and what your avitar looked like.

      you can email me at banjopicker at me dot com (spelled out that way to avoid spambots.)

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