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Is that banjo music I hear?

Joking is one thing but apparently to many people They seriously believe if you play the banjo, you’re some backwoods racist ultra conservative idiot. For the second time just this week some idiot has placed in the comments section of … Continue reading

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country and opera

I can’t count the number of times I hear people saying they hate country music. or opera. When pressed for reasons they’ll basically give stereotypes. I hate country because it’s all “my dog got divorced from my cousin who’s also my second wife.” or I hate opera … Continue reading

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A Round To It.

When I was a kid I had a leather “round to-it.” Basically it was a circle of leather that had the words “to it,” thus making it a “round to it.” It was a nice gag to show to people … Continue reading

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Health care Policy

I had a death in the family this past friday morning. needless to say that distracted from writing a blog this week. so, here’s an essay on health care that I wrote in college. here’s hoping the wordpress blog doesn’t … Continue reading

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What are the reasons I am an Atheist?

As I stated in my first article, this blog is not meant to be centered around atheism, though articles on the subject will arise. I say this not to say I am ashamed of being an atheist. I’m not. but … Continue reading

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my inaugural post

I’m a country boy who doesn’t believe in a deity. What lead me to become an atheist? read the post and find out! Continue reading

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